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Festivity of Saint Isidre (May) SITS ST. FOLK DANCE GROUP LLÚCIA REUS (TARRAGONA) 10ª St Folk Dance Group Anniversary Llúcia Reus 17/12/2001 Carnivals Parties of the Log (December) ST FOLK DANCE GROUP SITS. LLÚCIA REUS (TARRAGONA)
Party of the festive escort (June) REUS (TARRAGONA) Presentation Folk Dancers With Sticks of L'Aleixar 25/08/2005 Goings in the ancient one Party of the Magician Kings (January) HIS FOLK DANCE GROUP STA. LLÚCIA REUS (TARRAGONA)
Performances of Saint Joan (June) REUS (TARRAGONA) Encounter of Giants of Vilaseca 2006 Accompanying photos  
Festivities of Saint Pere (June) REUS (TARRAGONA) 15º Anniversary of the Folk Dancers with Sticks of  Sant Cugat (Barcelona) 2007 False haste  
National encounter of Catalonia Sticks Local Headquarters Inauguration Sta. Llúcia 2007 Excursion to Valencia  
Encounter of Dance Groups (Setembre) ST FOLK DANCE GROUP STA. LLÚCIA REUS (TARRAGONA) Encounter Folk Dancer with Sticks L'Espluga de Francolí (Tarragona) 2007 Excursion to Calanda  
Festivities of the Misericordia (September) REUS (TARRAGONA) Manchester (United Kingdom) Excursion to Montserrat
Encounter of child Folk Dance Groups (September) ST FOLK DANCE GROUP STA. LLÚCIA REUS (TARRAGONA) Menorca (Illes Balears-Espanya)    
Festivity of Sta. Llúcia (December) ST FOLK DANCE GROUP STA. LLÚCIA REUS (TARRAGONA) Prague (Republic Txeca 17/7/2008-20/7/2008)
  Day of Catalonia MASLLORENS (TARRAGONA) 11/09/2008    
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